Are you fed up of damaged hair? Have you started losing hair significantly and fast?

Ayurveda can help you with your hair growth in many ways. Not just growth, but Ayurveda can also help with making your hair voluminous. There are some herbs and foods that can stop your hair fall and give more volume to your hair. The best part is these herbs and foods are readily available and are very easy to use.


Bhringraj is a medicinal herb used to treat several hair and skin problems. It nourishes hair follicles and soothes the scalp. It is a popular ayurvedic oil and is available in most organic hair and skin care treatment places. You can easily order a bottle of bhringraj at many popular online stores. Just apply it on the scalp and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash the hair with hot water using a natural organic shampoo.


Amla or Indian gooseberry is another popular fruit used for hair treatment. It is so popular that you can find amla oil and amla shampoos on many popular online stores. One of the reasons for hair fall is a deficiency of vitamin C. Amla is a rich source of vitamin C and can be taken both as a food and as hair oil. If you don’t have hair oil, you can mix a spoonful of amla powder with coconut oil, warm it and apply it on your scalp and massage well. Amla also helps get rid of dandruff.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seed is another food that helps with hair growth. Fenugreek is rich in folic acid Vitamin K, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Fenugreek seeds are also high in protein and contain nicotinic acid, which helps hold hair fall and is useful in getting rid of dandruff. Using fenugreek seeds in your food is an excellent way to treat dryness of hair, hair thinning and baldness.

So, if you want to stop your hair fall or give volume to your hair, start using these foods and herbs in your daily routine. Chances are you will see remarkable results.