Amla oil is extracted from Indian a gooseberry, which is scientifically known as “Phyllanthus Emblica”. Amla oil is a kind of natural oil that has numerous health benefits.

Many uses of Amla oil are for the remedies of hair growth and to prevent early graying of hairs as well from hair loss, as it contains antioxidants, such as flavonoids and polyphenols. 

According to Ayurveda practitioners, the oil not only helps to strengthen hair roots but also to reduce flakes and dandruff problems. With regular usage of amla oil, the life of hair becomes long and robust. 

It helps in overcoming some of the severe issues relevant to hair, one of the most common is alopecia areta (A condition of hairline receding), which is seen in today’s lifestyle both in men and women. Studies show that the oral medication finasteride, which has been prescribed for this disorder, has the same kind of enzyme is found in amla oil and has the same type of effect, which is natural without any chemical in it. The oil has an even better impact than minoxidil again a chemical composition according to scientific studies.

Possible Side Effects
There is no such side effect of this naturally extracted oil. But in today’s era, the oil has been mixed up with certain other chemical elements, which is then sold in markets. Some people might be allergic to it, so it is always recommended to take a patch test overhand before using it.

Amla oil has a long shelf-life; it can also be made at home using dried amla. And can be prepared with mixing other oils to enhance the benefits.

Preparation method
Mix amla powder with coconut oil and heat it over a pan, stir until the aroma out of the mixture gets out, filter, than is good to go for use.