Do you have trouble fall asleep? Have you tried over the counter medications and supplements but wake up tired? 

In today’s busy lifestyle, a lot of people face trouble sleeping at night. They usually lie down on the bed and take a long time to get into a proper sleep. Many people try using medications, sleep apps and other measures to be able to get s good night sleep. However, these medications may have undesirable side effects. Different people react differently to such medicines.

Some people also use sleep time apps to soothe the mind, but these apps work only psychologically and not in a real way.

Sleep disorders can affect your health adversely, and it is essential to ensure good healthy sleep. Ayurvedic health drink golden milk latte, when consumed at night, has proven to be helpful with a lot of sleep issues. 

The critical ingredient of golden milk is turmeric, which is known to be once of the vital components in many ayurvedic medicines. This single fact makes Golden milk an excellent choice for people of all ages. Golden milk also has unique anti-ageing properties and may have a significant effect on your skin.

Though you can have Golden milk at any time of the day, like many other things, timing may increase the benefits of having golden.

Some of the benefits of having turmeric milk at night are:

  1. Wake up fresh and alert.
  2. Continued use may help with glowing skin.
  3. Turmeric milk has lots of ayurvedic properties, and it gives relief in times of general sickness.
  4. Antioxidants help fight cell damage and may reduce the risk of skin infections. 

Having golden milk at night is a great way to get sound sleep and wake up anew. Golden milk or turmeric milk has a lot of antioxidants that are good for your health. For a better taste, you can add some cinnamon, ginger, black pepper and honey to your golden milk recipe