When we talk about hair, one can focus on either its growth or loss. Nobody talks about how frequently we should brush our hairs for maintaining the balance of its essential nutrients inside the scalp. Trichologists, recommend brushing the hair once in the morning and once in the evening before going to bed.

The brushing method also depends upon the texture of one’s hair. A person who has curly hair would do it when it’s time to shampoo. And the person who has long hair would do it thrice a day to avoid midday tangles.

Benefits of brushing

Brushing of hair is not for detangling them, but two more reasons are it keeps the balance of oil from roots to the shaft of hairs also for the maintenance of shine in hairs. By brushing often, the root doesn’t get oily, and the oil gets distributed to the whole structure of the hair. As a regular person shreds an average of 100 hair strands per day, brushing hair would quickly remove the loose hairs.

In addition to this, brushing hair would also lead to micro-circulation, which promotes hair growth. Moving brush in circular motion would encourage blood flow to rise to the scalp, which may result in hair growth.

The detriment of brushing

Brushing too much hair would damage the cuticle (the out layer of the strand), which gives rise to frizzy and split ends. It happens when we use a plastic brush; friction often damages the strands. Ideal recommendation for brushing should not be more than twice a day unless the pattern of hair is textured.

The ideal way to brush your hair

We should brush our hair by gently moving the brush upside down. Do not use brush while the hairs are wet because there is more tendency of detaching hairs when they are wet. If someone has to comb wet hair, then a conditioner should be applied.