We all know that to achieve clear, smooth, and hydrated skin, a proper skincare regimen is essential. However, the number one requirement for an effective skincare routine is to use those products that are suited for your skin type. This requirement leads us to an important question- How to determine which products are right for us?

With hundreds of brands and thousands of different products, it is naive to think that every product is right for you. Take a face mask as an example: there are clay-based masks, butter-based masks, and humectant based masks. If you have dry skin and use a clay-based mask, the chances are that it will either show no results or even further dry out your skin. For someone with dry skin, a butter or humectant based mask will be more suitable.

Now you can see for your skincare routine to work; you need first to know your skin type. Only then can you find out the products that are right for you.

Read on to find out your skin type and how to care for it.

Normal Skin Type

This type of skin is firm and has minimal wrinkles. The skin doesn’t flake easily in winter and does not get too oily. It does not react to any new products. This type of skin is considered the best form of skin and requires minimum care.

Skincare for Normal skin: Feel free to try different products on your skin. You can keep trying new ones to test them for their effects. You can also use as much makeup the way you want to.

Oily Skin Type

This type of skin always appears to be glowing. Skin doesn’t dry even in winters. You use tissues many times a day to soak off the extra shine.

Skincare for Oily skin: Use clay masks and oil-free moisturizers. Washing your face over and over again only increases the oil. Keep away from using greasy products, especially petroleum gel.

Dry Skin Type

The reason for dry skin is lack of moisture. This type of skin is often sensitive and feels tight. The skin can also get itchy and flaky.

Skincare for dry skin: Water-based skincare products like hydrating boosters are best suited for dry skin. Keep your skin well moisturized by applying moisturizer many times daily. If your home is usually dry, use a humidifier. Drink enough water.

Combination skin type

If your skin is not normal, too dry, or oily, then you have combination skin. Combination skin has a peculiar characteristic of being oily on the forehead and nose and dry on the rest of the face.

Skincare for combination skin: Do not use the products meant for oily and dry skin. Treat each area of your skin differently. Oily areas need treatment for oily skin. Using skin toners is a good option for combination skin types.

Sensitive skin type

Skin allergies are one of the leading causes of sensitive skin. You need to be aware of your skin sensitivity towards certain substances and conditions. Sensitive skin types often have rashes, flaky skin, skin irritation, etc.

Skincare for sensitive skin: Sensitive skin is prone to reactions. Take adequate care while buying cosmetics. Use organic skincare products wherever possible.