Being indoors with kids can get tough at times, and these are testing times. Everyone wants to get back to a normal life. But before that happens, do not drain yourself with anxiety and boredom. Use the time to bond with your kids inside the safety of your sweet abode.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your kids busy and strengthen your bond with them.

Online Games
Almost all kids play online games. The difference this time is you playing with them. Never played online games? No problem! Ask your kids. They will be happy and most excited to teach you. Apart from keeping them busy, this exercise will help you better understand your kids and their point of view. You will also be able to keep a tab on what kind of games they play (suiting their age group).

Watching videos
The second most things kids do nowadays is watching youtube videos. Once again, it is essential to keep a tab on the stuff they watch. By becoming a partner in their video watching sessions, you will understand their psychology and become even more friendly with them. Once you attain the comfort level, you can suggest creative activity-based learning videos. It will keep them busy and in a positive way.

Creative activities
After watching the videos, the kids are more likely to try doing activities they just saw. You can have them work their hands-on painting, sketching, doodling, and other art and craft stuff they see online.

Ice Cream making
One of the things kids love is ice cream. You can do an ice cream making session with your kids and serve it as a surprise after the family dinner. Kids love to get and give surprises. Always appreciate and reward your kids for their initiatives and creativity.

Start a Youtube Channel
Everyone loves to be famous, and its more so with today’s kids. Most kids have their heroes on youtube endorsing toys or food brands. Remember your boys talking of new Nerf guns and slimes?

Encourage your little ones to start their youtube channel. Guide them on what they can do or help them with stuff that they want to do. Kids make beautiful videos with mobile phones. Chances are your kids already know what kind of videos they want to make. Support them reasonably with your guidance and knowledge.

Mommy’s help
Let your kids help you with your daily tasks. Give them tasks they can easily do. Things like sweeping their rooms, make their cupboards, and arranging their toys. Little older ones can do things like setting the tables and dusting around the house – appreciate their help and value their contribution.

Play word games
Watching videos and computer screens could be hard for your kids’ eyes and yours too. How about some old school word games? Write a slightly longer word like Rhinoceros and make smaller words using the available letters. This game is played together, and everyone gets 5 minutes. Set a stopwatch on your phone. Count everyone’s words after 5 minutes are over. Strike off the common words of all players. The one with most words wins!!