Have you been spending on skincare products without getting any positive results from them? The chances are you have made your skincare routine without doing adequate research on what does and does not work for you? How to know if your skincare routine needs a change?

A busy skincare routine

Some people think the more they work on their skin, the better will be the results. However, often that is not the case. It is more important to have an active routine than a busier one. Using a lot of skincare products can lead to adverse reactions that can sometimes do more harm than good to your skin.

You are getting skin blemishes

If your skincare routine is not able to fix the skin blemishes, you need to change something. Some products are too strong for specific skin types, or there could be a wrong combination of products used by you. A good practice is to go for non-comedogenic formulations that are oil-free.

Skin is getting discolored

Generally, skin discoloration happens (brown spots) due to exposure to sunlight. These can be taken care of by using a sunscreen. But it may also be due to some ingredients in your skincare products. If you see any discoloration, immediately stop using the product.

Skin irritation or itching

If you experience skin itching or irritation, you must drop all products from your skincare routine and use something basic to keep the skin moist and hydrated. Then, weekly, start incorporating each product back again. You will come to know which product is causing a problem.

Dry patches on skin

If your facial skin gets dry and flaky within some time of applying moisturizer, then its a sign of seborrhea. In this condition, you should add something to balance the Ph level of your skin.

These were a few most common types of skin issues faced due to an improper skincare routine. If you are facing some other kind of skin problem, see a dermatologist or do write to us.