Walking has many health benefits for everyone. Whatever your age or fitness level might be, walking is something that makes for better health and a better mind.

You don’t have to go to a gym or any other place. One can always find a place to walk anywhere. Routine walking keeps up your metabolism and prevents many diseases.

Some clear benefits of walking are:

Burn calories & lose weight

You can quickly burn calories and lose those extra pounds just by walking.
How much you lose depends on your walking speed, distance covered, walking angle (uphill or downhill), and, most importantly, your weight.
Overweight people lose more quickly than ones with lesser weight.

A stronger heart

Daily walking can reduce the risk of heart diseases. The longer you walk, the safer you are.

Keeps a check on your blood sugar

A short walk after breakfast, lunch, and dinner can help lower your sugar levels.

Reduces joint pain

Walking strengthens the muscles around the joints, thus relieving from joint pain and may help further deterioration of joint problems.

Tones up legs

Long walks help tone leg muscles, making them strong and attractive.

Boosts Immunity

Walking moderately for half an hour a day may increase your immunity, reducing the risks of common cold and flu.

Enhance Mood

Walking helps reduce anxiety and depression. Daily walking makes you come across people that helps reduce symptoms of social withdrawal.

How to start walking?

Though walking has enormous benefits, it takes time to get into action. Walking is helpful when done in a proper routine. You can start your walking routine by going for short walks with your colleagues, partners, and friends. Once you get into the groove, you can start on your own in the mornings and evenings. For further motivation and tracking, you can use a step counter app that sets walking goals and reminds you to achieve them.