A healthy lifestyle is what we need. By detoxification, the body remains free from toxins, and the body remains healthy and fit. Detoxification means cleansing of blood, which happens when blood impurities get removed by the blood in the liver and eliminate the toxins. Our body eliminates toxins through the kidney, intestine, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin. Detoxification can be carried out by different methods such as exercise, yoga meditation, etc.

How does the body do detoxification?

Various processes that support the process include fasting, stimulation of liver to remove toxins, elimination through the intestine, skin kidney, etc., by improving blood circulation and by refueling body with healthy nutrients.

When does the body need it?

When there is unexplained fatigue in the body, by inactive elimination, when there is the occurrence of allergies, the skin remains irritated and suffers from a low-grade infection. In certain instances, menstrual problems, mental confusion, bloating, and puffy eyes show the symptoms when the body does not carry out detoxification.

Initiating detoxification

The process starts by eliminating components such as alcohol, caffeine, refined sugars, and saturated fats. Lightening of toxin load would be an added advantage to it.

For external detoxification, our skin is responsible, so the usage of chemical-based household cleaners, shampoos, creams should be avoided and replaced by natural elements.

Stress is one of the factors which induce toxins in the body, so to boost the adrenaline rush, stress buster methods should be opted, such as meditation yoga.

Nowadays, there are several detox diets available, which requires at least seven days. Some methods also include fasting or a pure liquid diet.

Some of the detox diets are: pure fruit or veggie detox diet, smoothie cleanse, juice cleanse, sugar detox, and hypoallergic detox.