Do you know that approximately 60 percent of the human body is comprised of water? Water is also a vital component of the skin. Our skin contains roughly 64 percent water, and the primary function of the skin is to maintain a hydration barrier.

Skin that lacks sufficient water supply or in other words is dehydrated can be dry, tight, itchy, and flaky. It may also look and feel rough and lack visible radiance. Dehydrated skin is also a critical factor in premature aging. As hydration helps skin maintain elasticity, dehydrated skin results into loss of elasticity—lack of elasticity further results in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin stays hydrated through a variety of methods. The stratum corneum (outer layer of skin) prevents water loss through its structure of tightly organized molecules. It contains hygroscopic (water-loving molecules) like natural moisturizing factors that absorb moisture from the environment. GAGs, also known as Lycosaminoglycans, also promotes skin hydration. It helps in maintaining proteins like collagen and elasticity.

The usage of water-based products can delay signs of aging. Hyaluronic acid contains GAGs in it, which is widely present in anti-aging products.

Hydration improves the appearance of skin. It keeps skin plump and supple. It helps to address skin surface dullness by combating the build-up of dead skin cells. When skin becomes appropriately hydrated, it gives a radiant glow. If the skin is not hydrated enough, the reason would probably be the toxins are not rightly flushed out of it, which results in irritation and inflammation.

Another reason which adds up in diseased dehydrated skin is over secretion of oil glands, which results in acne. That is why in most of the acne care products, hydrating or water-based elements are present.
Hydrated skin is plump, glowing, and looks younger and healthier. Proper hydration brings multiple benefits, such as breakout prevention, as well as combating dryness and increasing resilience to external aggressors.
Hydration from the inside, i.e., drinking plenty of water, is essential. It keeps the whole body happy, including its biggest organ, the skin.